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Emotion Analytics Emotion Recognition Market Research

The Power of Emotional Advertising

Advertising Facial Coding Market Research

Manual Facial Coding vs. Automated Coding


Affectiva Announces Much-Anticipated Solution to Detect the Complex Emotions of Cats

Emotion Technology Emotion Recognition Emotion AI

Future Reflections on the Developing Emotion Economy

Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence AI

AI: It May Not Take Over the World, But Definitely Our Day-To-Day Lives


Tutorial: Get Emotion Data from your next Mobile Playtest

Emotion Intelligence Facial Coding Science

The Emotion Behind Facial Expressions

Responsive Gaming Gaming

Emotions in Gaming: Passive vs. Interactive Experiences

Emotion Recognition Gaming

Emotion Technology Brings New “Feel” to Online eSports for Spectators

Emotion Technology Emotion Recognition SDK

Looking for Love in Online Places: Emotion for Dating Apps

Emotion-enabled Emotion Technology Emotional Intelligence

Making Your Marketing Crazy Effective with Emotion

Emotion Technology SDK

Javascript Emotion SDK for YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch API

Advertising Affdex Emotional Engagement Market Research

Eliciting and Measuring Emotional Response to Static Images: The Wild Animal Study

Emotion-enabled Responsive Gaming Emotion-aware Emotion AI Gaming

Finding the Essence of Fear in Nevermind

Emotion-aware Emotion AI Gaming Biofeedback

Why We Need Emotionally Sensitive Games

Emotion-enabled SDK Video Communications Emotion AI

Emotion-Enabled Video Communications

Emotion-enabled Affdex SDK Hackathon Emotion-aware

Emotion Lab ‘16 Recap

Emotion Analytics Emotion-enabled Hackathon Emotion Recognition Emotion-aware

Emotions make the world go round

Emotion Lab Hackathon Emotional Intelligence AI

Emotion Lab ’16 – Day One

Emotion-enabled Affdex SDK Emotion Recognition Emotion-aware Artificial Intelligence AI

The Emotion Aware AI Machines of the Future

Emotion-enabled Affdex SDK Emotion Recognition Emotion-aware Artificial Intelligence AI

Deliver on the Promise of Responsive Gaming with Emotion Recognition Software

Emotion Analytics Creative Process Emotion Recognition Creative Agencies

Emotions and the Creative Process: Anytime, Anywhere

Emotion-enabled Affdex SDK Emotional Intelligence

The Promise of Emotion-Enabled Augmented Reality (AR)

Emotion Analytics Machine Learning Science

How to Teach a Machine to Recognize Emotions (part 2)

Emotion Analytics Science

How to Teach a Machine to Recognize Emotions (Part 1)

Facial Coding Affdex

A Doll Named Sue

Facial Coding Affdex Mobile

Utilizing Affdex Facial Coding Technology to Capture Emotions on Mobile

Facial Coding Affdex

How Many Different Emotions Exist?

Advertising Facial Coding Affdex Market Research

Does Facial Coding Generalize Across Cultures? A Spotlight on Asia

Emotion Analytics Facial Coding Science

Face Video Milestone!

Advertising Facial Coding

Affectiva Helps Advertisers Understand their Audience’s Emotions