Advertising Facial Coding

Affectiva Helps Advertisers Understand their Audience’s Emotions


By: Affectiva staff

By digitally distinguishing between expressions, Affectiva’s customers — mainly marketing firms — can analyze test subjects’ reactions as they watch ads. This groundbreaking technology allows marketers to delve deeper into the minds of their target audience, unlocking valuable insights that were previously inaccessible.

Understanding when these subjects lose interest, get confused, or are truly engaged allows companies to make more effective advertisements and sell more products. By harnessing the power of facial expression analysis, Affectiva empowers businesses to create advertisements that resonate with their customers on a profound emotional level.

With this newfound understanding, marketers can tailor their campaigns to elicit the desired emotional response, driving higher engagement and ultimately boosting sales.

Read the full Boston Globe article to discover how Affectiva is revolutionizing the advertising industry with their cutting-edge technology and paving the way for more impactful and persuasive marketing strategies.

Advertising Facial Coding