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Emotion AI Market Research Emotion AI Summit Media Analytics

Back to the Future of Marketing and Advertising with Emotion AI

Automotive Human Perception AI Occupant Experience

Create a Better In-Cabin Experience with Human Perception AI

Human Perception AI Occupant Experience

Redefining the Automotive Experience with Human Perception AI

Why Driver Monitoring Systems will Serve as Your Future Co-Pilot

Emotion AI Culture Company

Executive Spotlight: Affectiva CMO on Creating the Emotion AI Category

Deep Learning Automotive Affectiva Automotive AI

Driver Monitoring Systems’ Comprehensive Solution to Driver Safety Through Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence Automotive Affectiva Automotive AI

Driver Monitoring and the Battle Against Texting

Artificial Intelligence Automotive Affectiva Automotive AI

How Driver Monitoring Systems are Defining the Future Automotive Experience

Automotive Affectiva Automotive AI

3 Ways Driver Monitoring Is Improving Road Safety

Emotion Technology Emotion AI Science

Science Deep Dive Series: How Affectiva Brings Emotional Intelligence to Technology with Algorithms

Automotive Affectiva Automotive AI

Creating A Driver Monitoring System You Can Trust

Affectiva Automotive AI Emotion AI Summit

Bryan Reimer on Trust and the Future of Mobility

Emotion AI Affectiva Automotive AI

Trust is a Two-Way Street: Join Us at Emotion AI Summit 2018

Emotion Recognition for Speech

Considerations for Future Conversational Voice Interfaces

Emotion AI AI Automotive Affectiva Automotive AI

Affectiva Automotive AI and Wind River Accelerate the In-Cabin Experience of Tomorrow

Deep Learning Personalization AI Automotive

Building the Ultimate In-Cabin Experience with Renovo and Affectiva

Deep Learning Emotion Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Emotion AI Science Company

Science Deep Dive Series: How Affectiva Brings Emotional Intelligence to Technology

Deep Learning Science Automotive Affectiva Automotive AI

Affectiva Automotive AI: Building Emotionally Aware Cars with In-Cabin Sensing

Personalization AI Automotive

Adoption of Self-Driving Cars: How Communication is Key to Building Trust

AI Automotive

Exploring the Future of Mobility with Dr. Bryan Reimer

Artificial Intelligence Emotion AI AI Automotive

Emotion AI in Automotive: A World of Possibilities

Emotion Recognition Happy.Cam Internship EMPATH

Affectiva Internship: Coding Happy.Cam, Social Site Built on Authentic Reactions

Emotion AI Science Emotion Recognition for Speech

Better Than a Black Box: Using Statistical Models to Build New Deep Network Architectures

Artificial Intelligence Emotion AI Automotive

The Future of AI: Ethics & Morality of Emotion Enabled Cars

SDK Emotion AI Science

Emotion AI 101: All About Emotion Detection and Affectiva’s Emotion Metrics

Emotion AI Emotion Recogntion Emotion Recognition for Speech

Introducing Affectiva’s Emotion Recognition through Speech

Advertising Emotion Recognition Market Research

Let’s Get Emotional - How to Incorporate Facial Responses in Your Market Research Methodology

Emotion Recognition Emotion AI Healthcare

SDK on the Spot: Suicide Prevention Project with Emotion Recognition

Culture Company Internship EMPATH

An Intern’s Perspective: An Inside Look at What it’s Like to Work at Affectiva

SDK For Developers Healthcare

SDK on the Spot: Emotion-Enabled App Hopes to Make People Happier - One Smile at a Time.

SDK on the Spot: Joyzr Uses Emotion AI to Stop Negative Thought Cycles

Emotion Technology SDK Internship EMPATH

Affectiva Internship: Examining Gender and Emotion in Political News Debates

Emotion Analytics Emotion Recognition Market Research

The Power of Emotional Advertising

Advertising Facial Coding Market Research

Manual Facial Coding vs. Automated Coding


Affectiva Announces Much-Anticipated Solution to Detect the Complex Emotions of Cats

Emotion Technology Emotion Recognition Emotion AI

Future Reflections on the Developing Emotion Economy

Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence AI

AI: It May Not Take Over the World, But Definitely Our Day-To-Day Lives

Responsive Gaming SDK Gaming

Tutorial: Get Emotion Data from your next Mobile Playtest

Emotion Intelligence Facial Coding Science

The Emotion Behind Facial Expressions

Responsive Gaming Gaming

Emotions in Gaming: Passive vs. Interactive Experiences

Emotion Recognition Gaming

Emotion Technology Brings New “Feel” to Online eSports for Spectators

Emotion Technology Emotion Recognition SDK

Looking for Love in Online Places: Emotion for Dating Apps

Emotion-enabled Emotion Technology Emotional Intelligence

Making Your Marketing Crazy Effective with Emotion

Emotion Technology SDK Internship EMPATH

Javascript Emotion SDK for YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch API

Advertising Affdex Emotional Engagement Market Research

Eliciting and Measuring Emotional Response to Static Images: The Wild Animal Study

Emotion-enabled Responsive Gaming Emotion-aware Emotion AI Gaming

Finding the Essence of Fear in Nevermind

Emotion-aware Emotion AI Gaming Biofeedback

Why We Need Emotionally Sensitive Games

Emotion-enabled SDK Video Communications Emotion AI

Emotion-Enabled Video Communications

Emotion-enabled Affdex SDK Hackathon Emotion-aware

Emotion Lab ‘16 Recap

Emotion Analytics Emotion-enabled Hackathon Emotion Recognition Emotion-aware

Emotions make the world go round