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Craving Attention: Unveiling the Future of Ad Creative Effectiveness


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In the dynamic landscape of the digital era, capturing and retaining audience attention has become a critical factor in the success of advertising campaigns. The recent livestream event hosted by Affectiva and Kantar delved into the intricacies of attention measurement, shedding light on why advertisers are increasingly prioritizing this aspect and how cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the landscape of creative effectiveness testing.

facial coding AI

Meet the Experts:

To kick off the session, Duncan Southgate, Senior Director of Global Creative Insights Division at Kantar, and Graham Page, Global Managing Director of Media Analytics at Affectiva SmartEye, introduced themselves and provided insights into their roles and the core functions of their organizations. Both experts shared a high-level overview of their businesses, setting the stage for a deep dive into the evolving world of attention measurement - which the two will dive deeper into during an upcoming webinar session - "Attention beyond views for creative effectiveness"

Unraveling the Attention Conundrum

The livestream addressed the burning question: Why has attention become a hot topic in the media industry, and why are advertisers craving it more than ever? Duncan Southgate highlighted the exponential growth in digital platforms, making ad avoidance easier and necessitating a shift from traditional viewability metrics. Graham Page emphasized that while attention has always been a crucial aspect of ad effectiveness, advancements in digital and streaming technologies have amplified its significance.

Affectiva and Kantar: A Dynamic Partnership

Duncan Southgate discussed the long-standing collaboration between Kantar and Affectiva, showcasing the extensive data collection of 50,000 ads with attention data. The evolution of the LINK+ digital testing and the comprehensive view of ad effectiveness were explored. The ad testing AI partnership, rooted in combining S1 & S2 methods, enhances measurement of potential attention, providing a better summary and diagnostic metric. The intersection between playback and attention was emphasized for a holistic understanding.

The New Attention Metric:

Graham Page took center stage to unveil the upgraded attention metric. The Affectiva SmartEye collaboration brought forth a sophisticated measure that goes beyond facial expressions. The Kantar Attention Framework, encompassing playback, passive, and active attention, was introduced. The metric, powered by Smart Eye's eye tracking technology, offers a nuanced understanding of viewer engagement, distinguishing between active and passive attention.

Client Response and Future Prospects:

Duncan Southgate shared positive client feedback on the upgraded attention metric, with strong adoption rates and success stories like Viva Engage. Graham Page teased the potential for more detailed eye tracking data via webcams to delve into passive attention within ads. The discussion touched on the ongoing attention validation work and Affectiva and Kantar's featured role in ARF's attention white paper.

Looking Ahead: Takeaways

The livestream concluded with insights into what the future holds for attention measurement. Graham Page and Duncan Southgate expressed eagerness to explore the nuances of attention generation, its drivers, and variations based on brand type and platform. The audience was encouraged to stay tuned for the joint Affectiva-Kantar webinar on attention, scheduled for February 28th, promising in-depth discussions and live case studies.

The Bottom Line:

As advertisers navigate the complexities of the attention economy, the collaboration between Affectiva and Kantar are driving deep innovation in this space. The upgraded attention metric, fueled by cutting-edge technology, not only meets the demands of the digital age but also provides actionable insights for advertisers to optimize their creative strategies. This conversation marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards reshaping the future of ad creative effectiveness, emphasizing the importance of understanding, capturing, and retaining attention in the ever-evolving media landscape.

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Media Analytics Emotional Ad Testing Ad Testing AI