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Affectiva Automotive AI Human Perception AI Automotive Safety Podcast

Balancing Challenges and Potential: the Future of Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Affectiva Automotive AI Human Perception AI Podcast

Building the Future of Mobility with Human-AI Partnerships

Automotive Human Perception AI Automotive Safety

Bag in the Back: Ensuring Child Safety in Vehicles

Automotive Human Perception AI

Nuance: How to Design Effective Human-Vehicle Interactions from the Consumer Perspective

Automotive Affectiva Automotive AI

Veoneer: How to Build Trust with Vehicles to Improve Road Safety

Automotive Emotion Recogntion Affectiva Automotive AI Emotion AI Summit

The User Experience of In-Vehicle Emotion Detection: A Nuance Workshop

Emotion AI Culture Company

Executive Spotlight: 4 Characteristics of All Star Employees


JD Power: 3 Laws of Building Consumer Trust for Autonomous Vehicles

Automotive Emotion Recognition for Speech Affectiva Automotive AI

How Driver Monitoring Systems Will Incorporate Detection Technology To Understand Speech and Facial Expressions

AI Affectiva Automotive AI Emotion AI Summit

Building in Concepts of Trust in Next Generation Vehicles

Making Driver Monitoring Systems Reliable, Accessible, and Available with Affectiva

Advertising Emotion AI Market Research

Emotionally Charged Ad Analysis with Kantar Millward Brown: Kaepernick Nike Campaign

Emotion AI Science

Science Deep Dive Series: Bringing Emotional Intelligence to Technology with our Global Emotion Database

Automotive Emotion AI Summit

Building Trust in Next Generation Vehicles: An Introduction by Morgan Stanley

Emotion Technology Emotion Recogntion

Driving Emotional Engagement: How The Open Leveraged Emotion AI with NTT DATA

Emotion Technology Automotive Emotion Recogntion

Building Magic Moments with Porsche, and Setting the Mood with DXC

Artificial Intelligence Emotion AI Automotive Emotion Recogntion

Affectiva in the News: The Race to Emotionally Aware Cars

Emotion AI

Emotion AI Reading List: 6 Must-Reads to Cozy Up with this Winter Season

Emotion Intelligence Emotion AI Healthcare

Brain Power Launches Much Anticipated Emotion-Enabled Autism System for Smart Glasses

Deep Learning SDK Gaming

The Emotion AI Loop in Next-Generation Digital Experiences

Emotion AI Automotive

Affectiva Joins Startup Autobahn for Emotion AI Vehicles

Emotion Technology Artificial Intelligence AI

Emotion AI Reading List: 6 Must-Reads to Cozy Up with this Fall Season

Emotion-enabled SDK Emotion AI

SDK on the Spot: Emotion-Aware LEGO Mindstorms Robot

Emotion AI Culture Company

New to the Affectiva Team: Andy Zeilman, VP Business Development & Strategic Sales

Advertising Artificial Intelligence Emotion AI

Partner Spotlight: shelfPoint™ Retail Solution Adapts to Shopper Emotions

Emotion Analytics Advertising Market Research

New Kantar Millward Brown Advertising Report: Make a Lasting Impression

Politics Emotion Technology Market Research

Fake News Study: Examining Emotional Responses to News Outlets

Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Science

Finding the Face: Facial Detection Process for Deep Learning

Emotion Analytics Facial Coding Market Research

Eyes as Windows to the Soul: How to Gather Emotional Ad Responses with Eye Tracking

Emotion Recognition SDK Healthcare

SDK on the Spot: Chronist Analyzes Key Emotional Life Events for Users

Emotion Analytics Market Research

“Is my ad good”? Understandable Definitions of Emotion Metrics

Emotion Recognition Science Active Learning

Our Labelling Team: Fueling the Most Accurate Global Emotion Database with Active Learning

Emotion Recognition SDK Video Communications AI

SDK on the Spot: Vidii Communicates  User Emotion Through Video Clips


Driver Emotion Recognition and Real Time Facial Analysis for the Automotive Industry

Emotion Technology SDK Artificial Intelligence Robotics

SDK On the Spot: Mabu Healthcare Companion Robot Emotionally Engages with Patients

SDK Biofeedback Healthcare

SDK on the Spot: FacePrint Emotion Recognition Program Detects Early Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

Responsive Gaming SDK Emotional Engagement Emotional Intelligence

SDK on the Spot: Peppy Pals Educational Apps Teaches Children SEL/EQ Skills

Emotion Technology Emotion Intelligence SDK Biofeedback

SDK on the Spot: Mirrorable for Young Stroke Victims Adapts with Emotion Technology

Emotion Technology SDK Video Communications

SDK on the Spot: Smirkee Social App Analyzes Video Chat Emotions

Emotion Technology SDK Emotion

SDK on the Spot: GIPHY Works to Add Emotion Back into Online Communications

SDK Emotion AI For Developers

Affectiva Behind the Curtain: Q&A with our Tech Team

Emotion-enabled SDK Toys

SDK on the Spot: Bringing LEGO toys to Life with Emotion in AR

SDK Robotics

Humanizing Robots with Emotion AI

SDK Emotion Artificial Intelligence Emotion AI Robotics

SDK on the Spot: Roboy Social Robot Features Emotion AI

Advertising Emotion Creative Agencies

Overcoming Buyer Indifference through Deviation & Emotional Impact

Emotion Analytics Emotion Technology Emotion Recognition SDK

SDK On the Spot: Emotion Hero Project Encourages Play with Facial Expressions

Emotion AI

CB Insights Reveals the AI 100 List At The Innovation Summit

Emotion-enabled Advertising Emotion Recognition Creative Agencies Emotion AI

20 Awesome Emotion-Enabled Campaign Ideas

Emotion-enabled Emotion Technology Emotion Recognition SDK Emotional Engagement Emotion Emotion-aware

Emotions at Play: The Potential for Emotion-Enabled Toys


Use Case: Add Emotion Tech to Games With Branching Choices