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CB Insights Reveals the AI 100 List At The Innovation Summit


Affectiva Selected to the 2017 AI 100, Highlighting Advancements in Emotion Artificial Intelligence

Santa Barbara, CA, January 11, 2017 -- CB Insights today selected Affectiva to the prestigious Artificial Intelligence 100 list (“AI 100”), a select group of emerging private companies working on ground breaking artificial intelligence technology. CB Insights CEO and co-founder, Anand Sanwal, revealed the winners during The Innovation Summit, a gathering of top executives and investors to explore the industries of the future. 


“We’re honored to be recognized by CB Insights alongside so many companies driving the AI industry forward,” said Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, co-founder and CEO, Affectiva. “Our goal is to humanize technology with Emotion AI, and this has become even more important as human interactions with technology become increasingly more relational and conversational. Affectiva’s recognition on the AI 100 list has further validated our mission, and will help us to bring social and emotional intelligence technology into healthcare, education, homes, automobiles, robotics and more.”

Companies such as Affectiva, Blue River Technology, Deep Instinct, Sentient Technologies and Orbital Insight were recognized for their amazing teams, technology, and traction in front of an audience of 400 senior executives from around the world.

The CB Insights research team selected the AI 100 winners based on a combination of data submitted by the companies, responses to interview questions and the company’s Mosaic Score. Mosaic is an algorithm built with funding from the National Science Foundation that gives predictive intelligence into the health of private companies.

“From financial services to healthcare to transport, incumbent companies in every industry are seeing that AI will reshape their industries. And as so often happens, transformational innovation comes from emerging companies. In the case of AI, a lot of the groundbreaking work is being done by the AI 100. The companies in the AI 100 are accelerating research, improving efficiency, and making many game-changing advancements that will be felt for decades to come,” CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal said.


Quick facts on the AI 100:

  • In total, these 100 emerging private companies have raised $3.8B across 263 deals since 2012, according to CB Insights.
  • Applications of their technology include breakthroughs in healthcare, drug discovery, business intelligence, gaming, manufacturing, and much more.
  • More than 1,650 companies were nominated or applied for the AI 100 (only 6% were selected).
  • Data Collective has backed 14 of the AI 100 companies, while NEA backed 8 and Bloomberg Beta backed 7.
  • There have been 9 mega-rounds (funding rounds of $100M or more) to AI 100 companies since 2014.
  • Five AI 100 companies have reached a valuation of $1B or more (also known as unicorn status).
  • 11 countries are represented among the winners.

Affectiva’s patented emotion recognition technology uses computer vision, deep learning and the world’s largest emotion data repository of more than 5 million faces analyzed in 75 countries to read and discern facial expressions and emotions. Emotion data powers unmatched insights into consumer behavior, and is already being applied in industries such as advertising, market research, automotive, robotics, healthcare, education and more.

The AI 100 Winners:

Affectiva Descartes Labs Orbital Insight
AImotive Digital Reasoning Paxata
Algorithmia DigitalGenius Persado
AlphaSense, Inc. Dispatch Petuum, Inc.
Anki Drawbridge Pilot AI Labs
Appier Prospera Technologies
Atomwise, Inc. Elitic, Inc. Rapidminer
Automat Retention Science
Ayasdi Freenome Rokid Corporation, Ltd.
babylon Gigster ROSS Intelligence
BenevolentAI Gradescope Scaled Inference
BloomReach GrokStyle Inc. Semantic Machines, Inc.
Blue River Technology Sentient Technologies
Bonsai iCarbonX Shift Technology
Cape Analytics Sift Science
Captricity Kasisto Sight Machine Kensho Technologies SigOpt
Chronocam KITT.AI Skymind
Citrine Informatics KONUX GmbH Snips
Clara Labs SparkCognition
Clarifai Loop AI Labs TalkIQ
CloudMedx Inc Lunit Inc. Talla
CognitiveScale Maluuba Tamr Inc.
Context Relevant MindMeld Textio Mobvoi Trifacta
CrowdFlower twoXAR
Cylance Nanit Ubtech
Darktrace Narrative Science Verdigris
Dataminr Nauto Vicarious Systems
DataRobot Nexar Voyager Labs
Deep Genomics Numenta
Deep Instinct Numerai Zebra Medical Vision
Deepgram nuTonomy Zoox

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