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Executive Spotlight: Affectiva CMO on Creating the Emotion AI Category

Company Culture Emotion AI

Executive Spotlight: 4 Characteristics of All Star Employees

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Emotionally Charged Ad Analysis with Kantar Millward Brown: Kaepernick Nike Campaign

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Science Deep Dive Series: How Affectiva Brings Emotional Intelligence to Technology with Algorithms

Science Emotion AI

Science Deep Dive Series: Bringing Emotional Intelligence to Technology with our Global Emotion Database

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Trust is a Two-Way Street: Join Us at Emotion AI Summit 2018

Affectiva Automotive AI Automotive Emotion AI AI

Affectiva Automotive AI and Wind River Accelerate the In-Cabin Experience of Tomorrow

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Science Deep Dive Series: How Affectiva Brings Emotional Intelligence to Technology

Emotion AI AI Artificial Intelligence Automotive

Emotion AI in Automotive: A World of Possibilities

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Affectiva in the News: The Race to Emotionally Aware Cars

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3 AI Trends for the Automotive Industry in 2018

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2017 Year in Review and Predictions for Emotion AI in 2018

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Emotion AI Reading List: 6 Must-Reads to Cozy Up with this Winter Season

Healthcare Emotion AI Emotion Intelligence

Brain Power Launches Much Anticipated Emotion-Enabled Autism System for Smart Glasses

Emotion Recognition for Speech Science Emotion AI

Better Than a Black Box: Using Statistical Models to Build New Deep Network Architectures

Automotive Emotion AI Artificial Intelligence

The Future of AI: Ethics & Morality of Emotion Enabled Cars

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Emotion AI 101: All About Emotion Detection and Affectiva’s Emotion Metrics

Emotion AI Emotion Recogntion Emotion Recognition for Speech

Introducing Affectiva’s Emotion Recognition through Speech

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Affectiva Joins Startup Autobahn for Emotion AI Vehicles

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Reflections: The 2017 Emotion AI Summit

SDK Emotion-enabled Emotion AI

SDK on the Spot: Emotion-Aware LEGO Mindstorms Robot

Company Culture Emotion AI

New to the Affectiva Team: Andy Zeilman, VP Business Development & Strategic Sales

Healthcare Emotion AI Emotion Recognition

SDK on the Spot: Suicide Prevention Project with Emotion Recognition

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Announcing: Inaugural Emotion AI Summit Event at MIT Media Lab

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MIT Startup Exchange Names Affectiva to STEX25

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Partner Spotlight: shelfPoint™ Retail Solution Adapts to Shopper Emotions

Emotion AI AI Emotion Technology

Rebranded: Affectiva 2.0  – The Emotion AI Company

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Future Reflections on the Developing Emotion Economy

SDK Emotion AI For Developers

Affectiva Behind the Curtain: Q&A with our Tech Team

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SDK on the Spot: Roboy Social Robot Features Emotion AI

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CB Insights Reveals the AI 100 List At The Innovation Summit

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Announcing Affectiva Partnership with IBM Watson AI XPRIZE®

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20 Awesome Emotion-Enabled Campaign Ideas

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Emotion Technology Year in Review: Affectiva in 2016

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Emotion AI for Chat Bots: The Next Wave of Artificial Intelligence

Emotion AI Emotion-aware SDK

Emotions In Your Web Browser

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Finding the Essence of Fear in Nevermind

Emotion AI Emotion-aware Gaming Biofeedback

Why We Need Emotionally Sensitive Games

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Emotion-Enabled Video Communications