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Attention Measurement in Advertising with Ad Testing AI: Kantar and Affectiva Weigh In


Emotional ad testing

In a recent livestream event co-hosted by Affectiva and Kantar, industry experts Duncan Southgate and Graham Page offered profound insights into the ever-changing landscape of attention measurement in advertising.

Navigating the Attention Economy

The livestream event initiated a deep dive into the attention economy, with a spotlight on the challenges posed by the prevalent ad avoidance in the digital space. Duncan Southgate emphasized the growing importance for advertisers to move beyond mere visibility, recognizing the shift towards authentic audience engagement.

Intersection of Creative and Media

Delving into the intriguing intersection of creative and media, Southgate asserted that capturing attention through ad placements is just the beginning. The real challenge lies in optimizing creative content to effectively leverage those opportunities. A nuanced approach is essential, considering that different media platforms demand unique attention and creative strategies.

Affectiva Partnership and Upgraded Metrics

Graham Page highlighted the enduring partnership between Affectiva and Kantar, unveiling a recently upgraded attention metric that goes beyond traditional facial expressions. This enhanced metric integrates signals of distraction, utilizing technology from the Smart Eye group to provide a comprehensive understanding of audience engagement.

Comprehensive Attention Measurement

Page demonstrated the upgraded attention metric, showcasing its ability to analyze factors like head pose, eye movements, and other indicators of distraction. The emphasis was on creating a holistic view of attention, combining passive attention metrics with active measures of engagement. This approach allows for a nuanced understanding of how ads resonate with audiences in various contexts.

Client Response and Future Prospects

Acknowledging positive client responses, the speakers highlighted the attention metric's value in diagnosing ad performance and optimizing media efforts. Looking forward, experts hinted at potential facial coding AI technological advancements, exploring where attention is focused within the screen and aiming to make attention measurement more scalable and accurate.

Emotional ad testing

Webinar to Dive Deeper: Attention beyond views for creative effectiveness

To further explore the shared insights, Affectiva and Kantar will host a joint webinar on February 28. The webinar promises to unveil case studies, discuss the evolving attention measurement landscape, and provide a platform for industry professionals to engage in the ongoing conversation about the crucial role of attention in advertising.

In conclusion, the event underscored the dynamic nature of attention measurement in advertising, offering valuable insights into challenges, advancements, and future prospects in the quest to capture and retain audience attention.

Want to learn more? Don't miss the deep-dive webinar on attention hosted by Kantar this month - register now to reserve your seat!

Media Analytics Emotional Ad Testing Ad Testing AI Facial Coding AI