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The Power of Attention: Navigating Ad Success with Affectiva and Kantar Insights


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In the dynamic landscape of advertising, capturing audience attention is the gateway to success. A recent joint webinar featuring Duncan Southgate from Kantar and Graham Page, the Media Analytics director at Affectiva, delved into the intricacies of attention, shedding light on its role in influencing advertising effectiveness. Graham Page's insights further unraveled the importance of both passive and active attention, unveiling Affectiva's groundbreaking approach to measuring attention and emotion AI.

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Understanding the Path to Advertising Success

Graham Page began by emphasizing the direct link between attention and sales effectiveness. Ads that people actively engage with are more likely to yield stronger sales effects than those merely viewed. Acknowledging the critical role of attention in the advertising success path, Page outlined the necessary steps from viewability to actual purchase decisions.

Distinguishing Passive and Active Attention

Page made a crucial distinction between passive attention, characterized by mere viewing, and active attention, where viewers engage deeply with the content. He stressed that active attention is more likely to influence memory and brand associations, essential factors in driving actions at scale, especially in non-shopping scenarios.

The Role of Emotion in Attention

Leveraging over a decade of expertise in emotional engagement, Affectiva believes that emotion plays a key role in all stages of the advertising process. Ads evoking emotional responses, visible through facial expressions, tend to be more successful. Emotions act as a cue to the brain, signaling content worth paying attention to and leaving lasting positive traces in memory.

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Measuring Passive Attention with Smart Eye Technology

A significant upgrade in measuring passive attention was introduced, incorporating Smart Eye's world-leading driver safety monitoring systems. This innovative integration allows Affectiva to identify multiple indicators of viewer inattention, including head orientation, gaze direction, and signals of distraction. The technology is versatile, working seamlessly across various platforms and devices.

Facial Response Data Insights

Page delved into facial response data, comparing successful ads associated with strong brand equity influence against less successful ones. The analysis revealed that successful ads generated a diverse range of emotional responses, including positive expressions and surprise, while less successful ads were more likely to elicit negative reactions.

Crafting Content for Maximum Attention

In decoding the secrets to maximizing attention, Page offered practical advice for advertisers. He emphasized creating ads that avoid the skip or scroll button, keeping viewers engaged, and leaving behind positive branded memories. The discussion highlighted the importance of active attention, urging advertisers to design content that goes beyond passive viewing.

Tailoring Content for Different Platforms

Recognizing the diverse nature of digital platforms, Page emphasized the need to tailor content for optimal performance. A detailed analysis of Kantar's database showcased variations in ad performance across platforms. TikTok and Instagram ads emerged as strong performers, underscoring the importance of understanding the unique dynamics of each platform.

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Ad Length, Viewability, and Engagement

Page addressed the misconception that shorter ads always equate to better viewability. The analysis revealed that high active attention ads tend to be longer, challenging the notion that shorter ads are always the answer. Balancing viewability with engagement is crucial, reinforcing the idea that the nature of attention matters more than its duration.

Creative Qualities and Platform Optimization

Examining creative qualities, Page emphasized tailoring content to different platforms. TikTok ads, known for their dynamic and humorous nature, outperformed on enjoyment, distinctiveness, and persuasion. Understanding the platform-specific reasons for engagement is key, as highlighted by variations in creative qualities across social platforms.

The Bottom Line

As Graham Page concluded his insights, the webinar provided a comprehensive guide for advertisers navigating the complexities of attention and Emotion AI. The key takeaways emphasized the need to go beyond viewability, embrace emotion as a driving force, and tailor content for diverse platforms. With Affectiva and Kantar leading the way, advertisers have the tools and insights to unlock the full potential of attention in achieving advertising success.

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