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Cultivating Inclusive Tech Communities: Empowering Women and Driving AI Innovation

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Unlocking Career Opportunities with Emotion AI: A Conversation on Skills, Inclusion, and Transformation

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The Power of Emotion AI: Leveraging Technology for Economic Mobility and Inclusion

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5 Cool things we are doing in Machine Learning and Computer Vision to Humanize Technology

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How Emotion AI Overcomes the Challenges of Gender Bias

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Affectiva and Smart Eye Join Forces to Form a Global AI Powerhouse

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From Boston to Cairo: Fostering Cross-Cultural Collaboration at Affectiva

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YGLs Partner to Advance the Next Generation of AI Leaders

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Leadership at Affectiva: Company Culture and Pioneering Emotion AI

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Affectiva's Small Acts of Kindness (and Goodness)

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Our Evolution from Emotion AI to Human Perception AI

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Executive Spotlight: Affectiva CMO on Creating the Emotion AI Category

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Executive Spotlight: 4 Characteristics of All Star Employees

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Science Deep Dive Series: How Affectiva Brings Emotional Intelligence to Technology

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2017 Year in Review and Predictions for Emotion AI in 2018

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New to the Affectiva Team: Andy Zeilman, VP Business Development & Strategic Sales

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An Intern’s Perspective: An Inside Look at What it’s Like to Work at Affectiva