SDK Gaming Deep Learning

The Emotion AI Loop in Next-Generation Digital Experiences

SDK Emotion AI Science

Emotion AI 101: All About Emotion Detection and Affectiva’s Emotion Metrics

SDK Emotion-enabled Emotion AI

SDK on the Spot: Emotion-Aware LEGO Mindstorms Robot

SDK Healthcare For Developers

SDK on the Spot: Emotion-Enabled App Hopes to Make People Happier - One Smile at a Time.

Emotion Technology SDK EMPATH Internship

Affectiva Internship: Examining Gender and Emotion in Political News Debates

SDK Emotion Recognition Healthcare

SDK on the Spot: Chronist Analyzes Key Emotional Life Events for Users

SDK AI Emotion Recognition Video Communications

SDK on the Spot: Vidii Communicates  User Emotion Through Video Clips

Robotics SDK Artificial Intelligence Emotion Technology

SDK On the Spot: Mabu Healthcare Companion Robot Emotionally Engages with Patients

SDK Biofeedback Healthcare

SDK on the Spot: FacePrint Emotion Recognition Program Detects Early Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

SDK Emotional Intelligence Emotional Engagement Responsive Gaming

SDK on the Spot: Peppy Pals Educational Apps Teaches Children SEL/EQ Skills

SDK Emotion Technology Biofeedback Emotion Intelligence

SDK on the Spot: Mirrorable for Young Stroke Victims Adapts with Emotion Technology

SDK Video Communications Emotion Technology

SDK on the Spot: Smirkee Social App Analyzes Video Chat Emotions

SDK Emotion Emotion Technology

SDK on the Spot: GIPHY Works to Add Emotion Back into Online Communications

SDK Emotion AI For Developers

Affectiva Behind the Curtain: Q&A with our Tech Team

SDK Toys Emotion-enabled

SDK on the Spot: Bringing LEGO toys to Life with Emotion in AR

Robotics SDK

Humanizing Robots with Emotion AI

SDK Robotics Emotion Emotion AI Artificial Intelligence

SDK on the Spot: Roboy Social Robot Features Emotion AI

SDK Emotion Recognition Emotion Analytics Emotion Technology

SDK On the Spot: Emotion Hero Project Encourages Play with Facial Expressions

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Emotion Technology Year in Review: Affectiva in 2016

SDK Emotion Emotion-aware Emotion-enabled Emotion Technology Emotion Recognition Emotional Engagement

Emotions at Play: The Potential for Emotion-Enabled Toys

AI SDK Emotion

Loving Your Brand

SDK Gaming Responsive Gaming

Tutorial: Get Emotion Data from your next Mobile Playtest

SDK Responsive Gaming

SDK On the Spot: SYNC Game Controlled by User Emotions

Emotion Technology Emotion-enabled SDK

SDK on the Spot: True Emoji Key App Reads, Communicates with Emotions

Emotion Recognition Emotion Technology SDK

Looking for Love in Online Places: Emotion for Dating Apps

Emotion Technology SDK EMPATH Internship

Javascript Emotion SDK for YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch API

Emotion AI Emotion Intelligence Emotion Technology Emotion-enabled SDK

Emotion AI for Chat Bots: The Next Wave of Artificial Intelligence

Emotion AI Emotion-aware SDK

Emotions In Your Web Browser

Emotion AI Emotion-enabled SDK Video Communications

Emotion-Enabled Video Communications